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Closely connected with the worship of Lord Shiva but far more widely spread, is the worship of His Consort in the form of Shakti or the Mother Goddess. The Goddess goes by many names like Durga, Kalika, Chandi, Naina, Mansa, Sharda, Ambika, Kali and Bhawani among others.

The Shiwalik foot hills are studded with temples dedicated to various names of the Goddess. For a visit to these temples, one must drive into the modern city of Chandigarh.

Mansa DeviAbout 8 km from the Chandigarh bus stand, lies the holy siddh peeth of Sri Mata Mansa Devi. Two temples have been built here. The temple on the mound has been built by the Maharaja of Patiala to commemorate his victory in a battle in 1861. The temple near the parking lot is believed to be the main temple. It has been built by the ruler of Mani Majra in 1815 A.D.

The temple is very popular among patrons, for the Goddess is believed to grant boons in keeping with Her name Mansa Devi. Fairs are held in its vicinity during the holy days of Navratra when devotees throng in lacs to pay obeisence to Her. Haryana Tourism has set up its Jatayu Yatri Niwas adjacent the Mata Mansa Devi shrine.

Chandi Mandir, lies some 10 km from Mata Mansa Devi shrine. It is a small but famous temple worshipped as a Siddh Peeth- ( a place where wishes are granted). It is after this temple that the town of Chandigarhgetsits name. The temple falls on the Chandigarh- Kalka stretch of the national highway number 22. The Navratras sees thousands of devotees thronging to the temple.

Further along this highway the runis of the Bhima Devi temple lie in the small hamlet of Pinjore. This is a picturesque location built on the rising foot hills of the Shiwalik mountains. The Bima Devi temple is an archaeological site that dates to the 11th century AD and projects the Panchayatan style of temple architecture. The temple is currently in runis. However, effort is on to design a site museum here to display the findings of the area.

Kalka town lies on the Ambala-Shimla national highway. It forms the last stretch in Haryana, after which the highway passes into Himachal Pradesh. On this highway, lies the famous temple of Kalka Devi. Built on austere lines, the temple boasts of a large following in the area with special festivities held inthe days of Navratra.


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